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Lowongan Perum Jasa Tirta 1 – SMK dan S1

Lowongan Perum Jasa Tirta 1 – PJT 1 is one of the largest state-owned water resources management company in Indonesia. The Company incorporated in 1990 based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 5 of 1990. The Company’s headquarter located in Malang – East Java and its representative office located in Jakarta. The Company’s working area consist of Brantas River and Bengawan Solo River. Perum Jasa Tirta 1 supported by 5 ASA service division offices, 2 general service divison offices and 2 units of water quality labolatories. As of December 2011, the Company supported by 466 potential human resources. Since 1997 Perum Jasa Tirta 1 has full accreditation under quality management systems ISO 9001:2008 for the design, operation and maintenance of irrigation infrastructure.

Perum Jasa Tirta 1 invites the best candidates to join as :

  1. Calon Karyawan Tenaga Ahli Pemula (CTAP)
  2. Calon Karyawan Non Tenaga Ahli (CNTA)


  • Age at the time to apply for a maximum of 30 years per 25 February 2013.
  • For labor outsourcing in PJT I maximum age limit of 35 years per 25 February 2013, with a minimum of 5 years work experience (with proof of a letter of recommendation / statement superiors).
  • GPA (S1) of at least 3.00 / STTB Value (CMS) Minimum 6.0; able to work in the field.
  • Special application form (excel), can be downloaded at www.jasatirta1.co.id, fill out and send to the email address: recruitment@jasatirta1.co.id filled in accordance with the subject of the email application code.
  • Application documents are included in a sealed envelope with the application code on the top left hand corner, addressed to:

Kepala Biro SDM & Umum
Perusahaan Umum Jasa Tirta I
Jl. Surabaya 2A, Malang 65115
PO BOX 39 Malang

Registration is open from 11 February 2013 and closed on February 25, 2013. (email & postal stamp)

Terms & Conditions applicants Bachelor degree (S1) & Vocational School (SMK):

Selection Result Announcement Administrative Decisions will be announced by www.jasatirta1.co.id.

The file must be attached to the application requirements:

  • Application forms are completed
  • Curriculum Vitae / Curiculum Vitae
  • Copy:
    • S1: Last Diploma & Transcript (legalization) *
    • SMK: Diploma / STTB (Alternating-legalization) & Year-End Transcript of Education *
    • (for those who do not have a diploma, please include the following statement to pass the original transcript)
    • Stage a Certificate of Good / SKCK valid
    • Certificate in Computer Operating Capability (if applicable)
    • Drug-Free Certificate from competent authority
    • Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate)
    • Certificate of employment from the company work before (when it works)
    • Certificate / other award Charter (if any)

Stages Selection Includes:

  1. Psychological tests
  2. Test of English (for CTAP)
  3. Health Test
  4. Academic & General Knowledge Test
  5. Recent photos fit Size 4 X 6 (2 sheets)
  6. Certificate of English Language Ability (if any)
  7. interview

Other provisions:

  • Not done correspondence, during the recruitment process takes place, if it proves no one does it, then the question be disqualified.
  • Applicants who do not pass the selection and administration, application will not be returned and become the property of Perum Jasa Tirta I.
  • The cost of transportation and accommodation of applicants during the selection process is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • For applicants who had sent a proposal to the PJT I, declared null and void. In order to apply for return in accordance with the requirements of the announcement.
  • Application with No Phone / Mobile number.
  • No charge of any kind in the implementation of the prospective employee acceptance PJT I.
  • Preferably at least 1 year work experience in the field.
  • For every 1 (one) we need to call the 10 (ten) best applicants.
  • Willing to be placed in the working area Perum Jasa Tirta I.
  • Committee decision to recruit employees PJT I can not sue alone.


Posted on : February 10th, 2013